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Our yb series

To see a video of the pigeons arriving click on this link.

Flew positions 1,2,3,4,5,6, & 7

After a fantastic few years of young bird racing, we have just mated up (August 2011) for the 2012 series. We are running a little late but believe we will be able to finish the darkening process on time.

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Western Cape National Loft - Video interview

Enter to watch.

We are planning a series of visits to lofts in the Western Cape in order to promote the lofts.

We have begun with the National loft Western Cape - Klapmuts.

Carnival City Interview



Carnival City 2013 Summer Race, Fort Knox wins Hotspot 3 and 30th in the final.

Video interview with Herman from Carnival City Lofts -01 February 2013

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Electronic Rings Banned


So what do I do if someone races against me

with an irregular electronic ring??? 

SANPO ruling

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If you are looking for pigeons in Europe then this site is the one to look at.

Run by real pigeon fanciers and concentrating on quality. Fanciers racing well at the moment are the ones whos pigeons are offered on these auctions.

Koopman Pigeons for sale.

Klapmuts Lofts are now privately owned.

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As you may know our Koopman collection is one of the finest in South Africa. We have a number of Grand Children of Kleine Dirk as well as a Grand Son of Den Droomer.

An example of how our stock is bred can be found in the pedigrees below. These are just 2 of the pedigrees.